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Where in the World Is John McAfee?

As bitcoin dips below $10,000 and ice caps melt, only one thing is certain: John McAfee will keep things surprisingly interesting. Most recently, however, noted crypto fan, presidential candidate, potential auto-cannibal, and general wild man McAfee has disappeared. Where did he go?

First, some background. McAfee took to the sea in January 2019, allegedly carrying a number of soldiers, guns, and bottles of booze.

In the intervening months he landed in the Bahamas and then ended up in Cuba. He continued his presidential run from there.

McAfee then posted this photo on July 19. In the photo we see McAfee and his wife showing proper trigger discipline somewhere on the water. A few minutes later he wrote: “I Am a presidential candidate with 1.2 mil  followers. My crime is not filing tax returns – not a crime. The rest is propaganda by the U.S. government to silence me. My voice is the voice of dissent. If I am silenced, dissent itself will be next.”

The photo features a number of interesting tidbits.

To wit: a single bullet near McAfee’s feet.

A DSLR camera with a decidedly exhausted wind guard. This is presumably not the camera that took this picture.

Photos via Twitter.

Performing a CSI-style “enlarge and enhance” on the reflective sunglasses showed us little more than the cameraperson in silhouette. Further, the photo itself holds no clues. In fact, the EXIF and location data is completely bare, something that is not particularly unusual for Twitter photos.

Image via MetaPicz

We know, however, that the McAfee crew was somewhere at sea after leaving Cuba. Janice McAfee confirmed this on July 14.

Over the next three days he sent a few more messages including this one that suggested he was coming back into port.

And then

These messages, sent by McAfee’s campaign manager, Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez, suggest that McAfee and crew are gone. McAfee, a born entertainer, could have disappeared for effect in order to rile up speculation or he could be in U.S. (??) custody.

We’ve reached out to McAfee’s campaign manager and haven’t yet heard back. However, he did send a message to Law & Crime stating:  “People won’t believe it, but the information that I posted under John’s account is all that I have. John has a lot of friends all over the world, and we are all working to locate him and secure his release if necessary.”

What’s the old saying? If your pirate friends don’t know where you are, things may be bleak.

McAfee is a seminal figure in the story of crypto. While he may be wacky – this drink in particular seems a little gin-heavy and he’s a shill for many dubious projects – his antics are a direct reflection on the current state of the ecosystem just as the original (and grumpy) gurus like Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds defined the free and open source software ecosystem. Folks like McAfee paint a different – and sometimes controversial – picture of the future of this technology. It’s worth listening to them… and worrying about them.

Image via CoinDesk Archives.

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