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WATCH: Investor Nisa Amoils Expects Libra to Reduce Regulatory Risk

Like so many other crypto thinkers, Nisa Amoils feels Facebook’s Libra is a 100-ton payments elephant in the middle of the crypto space. However, it isn’t changing the way she invests.

“It doesn’t really change my thesis,” she said. “It only really changes a thesis if your focus pretty much on investing in payments because Facebook, if it gets approved, becomes a dominant player and then any other startup and that space can’t compete.”

Instead, she said, Libra reduces the risk associated with cryptocurrency. After all, if the world’s biggest social network is in the space, how can you go wrong?

“On a macro level it does reduce risk so part of what I focus on in the portfolio is risk management,” she said. She considers Libra “very important [as] this eliminates some of the regulatory risk out there.”

Amoils is a venture capitalist and lawyer and has been watching the crypto space for years. She sees Libra as a platform play.

“[Facebook’s David Marcus] talked a lot about the entrepreneurial efforts and intentionally being open source and allowing developers to commit on top and build wallets or other products on top of what they’ve already laid the groundwork for.”

“It encourages entrepreneurial development,” she said. “If that happens then that’s a good thing.”

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