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Airdrops, Adoption, & What’s Ahead

How did you get your first crypto?

We’ve heard many stories of people being gifted their first crypto, which jump started their journey into this new financial system. Over the years we’ve also given out our fair share of crypto, but it’s gotten increasingly harder to do that at scale.

Late last year we introduced our plans to distribute crypto to the masses and pave the way for further adoption through the Blockchain Airdrop Program. We started with an ambitious goal to give away $125M worth of Stellar (XLM) along with our partners at the Stellar Development Foundation. It was a bold move, not only was it the largest airdrop in crypto history, but arguably the largest consumer giveaway – ever!

How did the airdrop go?

Oprah made it look easy. We had massive demand from the outset and giving away meaningful amounts of value to millions of people in a fair and responsible way was a huge task – but we got there! We achieved this by investing heavily in our global verification processes and machine learning to ensure that real people were benefiting from the airdrop, not fraudsters trying to take more than their fair share. In the end we successfully airdropped Stellar (XLM) to millions of users across 150 countries and have since seen users save, swap and send XLM multiple times over. Not only are people all across the world experiencing true ownership of digital money the first time, but the Stellar network has grown substantially and the network effects have become meaningful.

The gift that keeps on giving

We are now winding down this phase of the Stellar airdrop and are finishing processing applications for new users that are currently on the waitlist. For anyone that’s applied and still waiting, your application may be in manual review and a member of our dedicated team will contact you if we need more information.

Good news! This will be the first of many future airdrops. If you’re not already Gold Verified, sign up and you’ll automatically be eligible for any future airdrops that we offer in your region. You’ll also get access to higher trading limits in the wallet through Swap.

Lastly, thank you to the millions of users that took part in making our first airdrop a success. It’s not often that you can turn a concept into a reality and it would not have been possible without you. Next stop – the moon!

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