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Thomas Lee Has Assotiated The Negative BTC Correction With The Speech Of The Fed Chairman

bitcoin drop

Bitcoin lost about $ 2,000 after the Chair Of Federal Reserve Jerome Powell commented on the upcoming release of the Libra token. This stated Thomas Lee from Fundstrat, who commented on a sharp depreciation of Bitcoin on Thursday, July 11th on his Twitter.

Recall, a US official expressed concern about the emergence of a new cryptocurrency. According to him, the Libra token could undermine financial stability. However, the Chair of Federal Reserve still doubts that cryptocurrency is able to replace fiat money, while the blockchain industry itself is still in its infancy.

Thomas Lee is confident that the comments of Jerome Powell frightened investors. Somebody has withdrawn their funds from Bitcoin. Now the largest cryptocurrency is trading at $ 11,737.

However, the correctional depreciation of the BTC rate did not frighten the optimists at all, some of whom still bet on Bitcoin to at least $ 40,000.

Thomas Lee enters the camp of the so-called “bitcoin bulls” himself. Recently, again on Twitter, analyst announced the resumption of Bitcoin growth, and the new rally, in his opinion, will be more aggressive than the previous one.



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