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AMFEIX – The World’s First Pseudo-Anonymous Blockchain Trading Fund

AMFEIX presents itself as the world’s first pseudo-anonymous blockchain trading fund which is indefinitely scalable and groups investors’ BTC funds into a pool that is managed by experienced traders on liquid exchanges. AMFEIX charges no upfront fees and instead shares a percentage of profit in terms of BTC.

What is pseudo-anonymous blockchain trading?

AMFEIX does not need a user to be KYC verified. Instead, a first-time user needs to set up a Wallet Name, Password and Seed Phrases. Once a device is linked to a particular wallet and its seed phrases, subsequent logins will need only a wallet name and password.

The AMFEIX Platform Sign up:

AMFEIX allows for a simple and easy sign-up process through its website. The sign-up process is as follows:

  1. Set up a wallet and back up pass phrases and then have the wallet and device linked. A guide can be found here.
  2. After you unlock your wallet you will need to transfer existing the BTC wallet from your exchange of choice or another existing wallet.
  3. Confirm your investment from the BTC wallet to “AMFEIX Fund”
  4. That’s it. You can now leave the trading to AMFEIX. Your investment can be monitored in the dashboard.
    Note: It takes up to 24 hours for the BTC to show up in the “AMFEIX Fund”.

Competitive Differences:
AMFEIX has certain competitive differences against general crypto funds. We have listed the major ones below:
• Pseudo-anonymous: No KYC needed.
• Cold Storage: The capital of the fund that is not traded is securely stored in multiple Ledger cold wallets, which keeps the security standards at the highest levels.
• Daily Profit/Loss calculation on BTC – the profit is only taken on terms of BTC holdings not in Fiat value, meaning when the fiat value fluctuates this does not impact the profit taken by the fund.
• BTC only investment – Reduces complexity and allows a solid trading focus.
• 24/7 support – AMFEIX promises 24/7 Customer Support in any time-zone with a chat box on their website initially to answer FAQ and then within minutes an agent to answer more complex questions. There is also a Telegram community that can be found here for other discussion.
• 20% Profit Fee – The fund charges a 20% profit fee rather than up front or on-going set fees.
• Withdrawals are processed immediately. 24hrs are needed for the funds to be cleared.
• No minimum investment periods.
• Past Performance Transparency – there is live trades and results listed on their website and Instagram which can be found here.

AMFEIX Trading Strategy:
AMFEIX tries to make things simple. Invest BTC and forget. AMFEIX team of technical traders and analysts will take over and execute open market operations daily and aim to make profits from the volatility.

The fund trades BTC/USD and other altcoins paired with BTC based on Technical Analysis and is actively managed They use strict risk management strategies and try and identify the ideal entry and exit positions. The AMFEIX traders are real and stay away from using AI or bot trading. There are live trades that be found on the Instagram page here.

Capital: The portion of capital from the fund that is not traded is securely stored in multiple Ledger cold wallets, which keeps the security standards at the highest levels as they aim to protect clients from any possible inconvenience.
Operating Investment: AMFEIX trades on the most secure exchanges in the world with only 30-50 percent of pooled investment being actively traded with on exchanges, the other 50-70 percent of pooled investment is stored in the base currency Bitcoin and they are held on cold storage wallets as mentioned above.
Registration: The company is registered in the UAE and Indonesia with Malta and South Africa in the horizon.

Team and activity:
The development team can be found on the website here. With a strong focus on business development and growing AMFEIX throughout Asia and the world, the team will be expanding. Currently there is no mention of the AMFEIX professional technical traders and analysts however the team’s background is rooted in cryptocurrency technical analysis trading focusing mainly with BTC. Stay tuned!

Fee Structure:
The fee structure is simple. The fund charges a 20% profit fee. No other hidden charges, for example, early withdrawal fees or trading fees. If a user joins via referral, 10% of all the profit realized will go directly to the person who has referred.

Sign up and Learn more about AMFEIX:


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