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Craig Wright Was Unable To Prove The Ownership Of Satoshi Nakamoto’s BTC

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The next trial in the case of Craig Wright against David Kleiman, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator could not provide the court with evidence that they had access to the coins associated with the creator of digital gold.

Earlier, the Federal Court of the Southern District of Florida, where the proceedings are being held, demanded that the Australian entrepreneur provide all the Bitcoin addresses that he owned as of December 31, 2013, and also confirm that he has access to one.

He should have done this on June 28, however, during the meeting he stated that he could not at the moment confirm that he owned the keys of the corresponding addresses. According to him, he handed over the elements of the keys to Kleiman, which is why he cannot currently perform operations with early Bitcoins.

At the same time, Wright’s new tactic seems to be the statement that he would allegedly be able to submit the relevant information no earlier than 2020.

The Australian’s performance itself turned out to be very emotional: from time to time he even cried. In particular, this happened after the judge asked him about the reasons why he, as the alleged Satoshi, left Bitcoin space.

My invention was used for bad purposes, said Wright. – They created Silk Road and Hydra. They used bitcoin to finance child pornography.

The situation took an unexpected turn, when Wright launched papers in the direction of the judge. He was warned about the inadmissibility of such behavior and that he could be arrested for contempt of court. About this, in particular, wrote the representative of the portal Law360 Carolina Bolado.

WizSec specialists to analyze Kleiman’s claims and concluded that neither Wright nor the mathematician were more likely to ever have owned such a number of BTC.

One of the latest curiosities of the trial was the correspondence submitted to the court by an Australian businessman. According to him, the demonstrated conversation with the mathematician took place in 2012. But then it turned out that the PGP signature was generated using a fake key.

Thus, the correspondence was most likely fabricated in early 2014, after the death of Kleiman. In this regard, Wright was forced to exclude a passage from the evidence base.



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