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Crypto Price Analysis & Overview June 25: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Kyber Network, And Monero


The resistant found at $9,400 was broken quite effortlessly. What followed was resistance at $11,000 which is currently being tested. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm continues, eyeing resistance at around $11,800. From there, the path to $15,000 could be rather quick. It’s important to take into account that the support at $9,400 hasn’t been tested and since it was broken, we’ve entered a parabolic movement.



Against the USD, the resistance at $280 was breached and the price took off to $325 where it met this range’s resistance. Technically, it appears that this is the beginning of a reversal of the trend if the support at the $280 range holds.


Against BTC, ETH is approaching the support around 0.027BTC and it’s being tested. If it fails, we are looking at support around 0.024BTC. The resistance in this range is at 0.03BTC.



Against the USD, the attempt to break $0.50 since December failed. The cryptocurrency pulled back to the support of around $0.45.


Against BTC, XRP returned to the floor in the range of 4000SAT which is a critical area of support. If it breaks below it, we might return to the low we haven’t seen since the correction in December 2017. Resistance in this range is at 4500SAT.


Kyber Network

Against the USD, the trend continues to rise and we can see a pattern of a symmetrical triangle which usually breaks up. The resistance in this range is at $0.28 and the support is at around $0.24.


Against BTC, there was a new floor created around 2255SAT which is also the support at this range. The resistance here is found at 2700SAT.



Against the USD, Monero broke the resistance at $100 and is now testing the resistance in the $130 range. Support here is found at around $110 and it hasn’t been fully tested yet.


Against Bitcoin, XMR holds relatively stable during the last month after the correction and the pullback from the levels at 0.013BTC to 0.01BTC, which is currently acting as a support. Resistance is found at 0.011BTC.


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