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What Are Bitcoin Investors Most Afraid Of?

Employees of Binance Research conducted a survey. According to the data obtained, institutional and VIP-clients of the cryptocurrency world are most concerned about the issue of technological effectiveness of the industry. Between the five most exciting risks for the cryptocurrency industry today, the most popular answer was “technological failure”. As a rule, such problems arise due to hacking or leakage of critical information.

Among other important risks to the digital asset space were changes in regulation, both at the local and international levels. In addition, many investors are concerned on stablecoin Tether USDT.

Technical failures were rated at 1.67 points, while all other problems ranged from 2 to 3 points. The main concerns are confidentiality issues, especially against the background of the proliferation of anonymous coins like Monero and Zcash.

Surprisingly Tether’s legal issues regarding the support of the Stablecoin USDT do not worry so much the majority of investors.

What Is About Positive Prediction?

Binance Research also describes in detail the factors that can act as “potential drivers” for the cryptoindustry. Respondents listed eight possible factors. It is worth noting that the survey was conducted in May 2019, so the rush from Libra from Facebook is not taken into account.

Changes in global and local regulation were considered to be the main factor in the growth of the cryptocurrency industry. This survey item received an average score of 1.79. Continuing the regulatory focus, the second most important “growth driver” was the adoption of the ETF. The SEC is currently considering two important proposals for a Bitcoin ETF. The final decision on this issue should be made in October 2019.

It is unlikely that this survey can be considered fairly objective due to the relatively small number of respondents. In addition, they are all representatives of approximately the same cryptocurrency user segment. Finally, the study was conducted specifically for institutional investors, who view Bitcoin as any other “investment instrument”, rather than a medium of exchange or a payment instrument.



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