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Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto (At Least Among the Council of Bogota)

Whether or not Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto will remain a debate for crypto enthusiasts into the foreseeable future, but not for officials of the Council of Bogota, which has recognized the Bitcoin SV proponent as the creator of Bitcoin.

Wright was attending the Expo-Bitcoin International conference in Bogota which was sponsored by Bitcoin SV proponents. The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto was invited to speak to Bogota’s Council on the topic of Bitcoin and Law.

Craig Wright, who was introduced to the Council as Satoshi Nakamoto, elaborated on how the objective of Bitcoin was to become a government-compliant payment tool and not to promote “anonymous systems, anarchy or destroying the government.”

He also highlighted that one of his biggest ambitions was to create a global economy where anyone could own property and purchase anything from anywhere on earth, all in compliance with government laws in their own jurisdictions.

It was after the session with the Council that Craig Wright reportedly received a special document recognizing his work in Bitcoin as Satoshi Nakamoto, adding to the earlier patents he’s registered with the U.S. copyright office in that regard.

Meanwhile, Craig Wright still has pending court cases in the UK, notably against Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack, regarding his claims of being Bitcoin’s creator.

BitcoinSV Price Drops Despite New Recognition

On previous occasions, like the copyright filing last month, Craig Wright’s recognition as Satoshi Nakamoto has had a significant impact on the price of the BitcoinSV cryptocurrency which he is piloting.

That, however, is not the case today, as the altcoin is marking losses just above 1% despite the rest of the market being in green and Bitcoin looking all but set to reach $10,000 in the next few days.

BSV/USD. Source: CoinGecko

BitcoinSV’s market cap at the time of writing was $3.9 billion and was trading at $220.

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