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Watch Facebook’s Libra Videos: An Inside Look At the Calibra Wallet

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency has captured the imaginations of experienced blockchainers but how can you explain it to people who don’t know much about technology? Thankfully, Facebook posted a few easy-to-follow videos about the Libra ecosystem and even the new Calibra wallet.

First up we see a short demo of the Calibra app running on iOS. The app looks very similar to other apps like PayPal and Venmo and Facebook will also embed its services into WhatsApp and Messenger. The most interesting thing? You won’t need a Facebook account to use Libra.

Next up we have the Libra Ecosystem including a very simple description of blockchain technology. It’s definitely a solid primer on what is actually a complex and difficult problem.

Still too complex? This very basic “Blockchain 101” post describes how Libra – and other blockchain-based – cryptocurrencies work.

Finally we have a brief video about the Libra Association, a non-profit that will manage the cash associated with he project. Think of the Association as a group of non-profits who will tim their do-gooding at various global problems. In short, Facebook is hoping this project not only makes money but helps the unbanked

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