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Crypto Community Awaits Facebook’s Details on Libra Coin

Crypto Community Awaits Facebook’s Details on Libra Coin

Libra Coin, Facebook’s proposition for blockchain-based payment, will be revealed this week through a White Paper published by the social media. The crypto community views the project with some skepticism, due to the potential for Libra to become a centrally controlled digital asset. Big questions are also raised, on whether a coin that could potentially reach more than 2 billion users, would be able to topple Bitcoin (BTC), or even Ripple’s XRP.

The White Paper is expected to be published later on Tuesday, during USA business hours. So far, there are no details on the type of blockchain for Libra, as well as the total supply and issuance mechanism. The issue of a digital asset, scheduled for early 2020, is a foray into fintech, as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has previously considered adding its native fintech solution.

What is currently known is t…

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