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3 Cryptocurrencies Most Likely to Follow Bitcoin’s Performance


For more than a year, the cryptocurrency market has been dominated by bearish influence, with most coins seeing constant drops, or stagnation, at best. This all changed in the past few months, starting with Bitcoin which once again started leading the market up, bringing one minor rally after another.

BTC itself experienced massive losses in 2018, with its price going down by around 84%. Most other coins among the top 10 mirrored its performance, and some of them experienced even greater losses. However, now that Bitcoin sees gains again, these cryptocurrencies are still following its example, and many of them have seen massive breakouts. Some of the more notable altcoins that followed Bitcoin’s recent example are Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM), and Cardano (ADA).

Ethereum performance mirroring Bitcoin’s price

As mentioned, Bitcoin led every rally so far, but before it did, its price first went through what is known as an ascending triangle pattern. The pattern held for around five months, which is exceptionally long for the crypto world. However, once the pattern was finally broken — the coin’s price skyrocketed, more than doubling itself within only two months.

One thing to note is that Ethereum performed in pretty much the same fashion. After five months of struggle and confusion for investors, the second largest cryptocurrency also managed to break the pattern and skyrocket as well. It struggled with several resistances for a long time, but within weeks, it broke all of them, exceeding some of the major roadblocks, such as those at $200, and also $250.

A lot of investors are now wondering whether or not Ethereum will go parabolic as Bitcoin did. While this is something that remains to be seen — it can be said with near certainty that the bear market is finally, truly over.

Stellar and Cardano go bullish

As mentioned, other altcoins within the top 10 list have shown similar signs of preparing for a bullish outbreak, among which are Stellar and Cardano. The pattern that held back Bitcoin and Ethereum can be seen in their examples as well, and while these two are only just beginning to break it, the signs of bullish performance are definitely present.

The crypto market is generally quick when it comes to falling, and often very slow when it comes to recovering from drops. But even so, it is still remarkable that it took over 11 months for the market to generate the proper structure and secure future growth. However, it might be that the fact that it took so long to generate a build base indicates the coins’ future strength. The strong base is all it takes for most successful cryptocurrencies to start surging, confident in their foundations.

The long base has always been an indication of large growth so this time might not be any different. Similar patterns can be witnessed throughout the market, although there are some exceptions. Even so, most eyes are still on Bitcoin, as the coin still dominates the space with a massive 60% on its side.

To many, this is also a sign that the outbreak of altcoins might be coming soon, so investors these days tend to keep an eye on their favorite projects, in and out of the top 10 list.  While the market is currently seeing a minor correction, the technical breakouts are sure signs that this is not the return of the bears. Crypto winter is over, and it is now time for cryptos to take another swing, and see how far they can get. And who knows, perhaps by the time the cycle is done, they might get additional support, such as proper regulations, joining of institutions, and a few major steps towards mass adoption.

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