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The World’s First Blockchain & Crypto Stamp Presented in Austria

Jun 12, 2019 at 13:15 // News

The Swiss Post is also trying to bring out a brand which connects the analog and digital worlds by introducing the “Crypto stamp.”

The Austrian Post has presented the world’s first special cryptocurrency and blockchain stamp. The groundbreaking special block links the analog and the digital era. From the dirndl embroidery and lederhosen stamp to exceptional items made of porcelain, glass, meteorite dust or sparkling Swarovski crystals in the past few years.

The Swiss Post is also trying to bring out a brand which connects the analog and digital worlds by introducing the “Crypto stamp.” It had its first day on June 11 and was officially presented to prominent guests in Vienna by the Head of Product Management at Austrian Post AG branches Stefan Nemeth.

It can as well be fully used for the carriage of a postal item, and also as a virtual collector’s item. The digital complement is securely stored in the blockchain network, which is an extraordinary type of decentralized and distributed data storage, and it falls in a digital purse known as a Wallet that is absolutely preserved by the real owner.

Brand Block Resembles a Bank Card

When you look at this brand block, it is in the form of a bank card. On the right side of the block, there is all crucial identifications concealed under scratch layers. The Wallet holder has full access to the code and all other attached codes including the “Secret Word List,” thus possesses the digital stamp. When the digital form ot if is let’s say sold or transferred from one particular wallet to another, then the transaction is effectively documented and accepted in the blockchain.

And the left-hand side is the real postage stamp which can be sent often by flouting the block apart at the encoded breaking point. Unicorn, a beast with one long horn protruding from its forehead, is pictured on the crypto stamp and is the heraldic ceremonial animal of the entire Ethereum community. 

Last year, the Austrian government enrolled local bank called OeKB – Oesterreichische Kontrollbank – to come and see the auction of EUR1.15 bln bond using the
Ether Blockchain technology, and this shows that this is the real time of digitalization in the country.

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