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Telegram Picks For the Exclusive Token Sale of its Native Token, Gram

As the initial release of Telegram‘s native Token approaches, Gram Asia, the highest holder of Grams in Asia has revealed that will be the exclusive issuer of the native token. Gram will be running on the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain which is currently being built by the global messaging app, Telegram.

Another major token sale

While some record-breaking sales such as the BTT sales which ended within 15 minutes have come and gone, reports indicate that the Gram token sale may be another major event coming up exclusively on Liquid as it has been long awaited. The token sale is scheduled to commence on 10 July 2019 by 8 am UTC. Only verified Liquid users will be eligible to participate in the sale. In order to do so, users have to provide a state-issued identification and a selfie. The token can be bought with the USD or USDC, whichever is preferred.

Telegram is known for facilitating sending and receiving encrypted messages between users for 10 years now. With the experience of building user-friendly distributed data storage system during this time as well as capable developers and other professionals plus over 260 million users, it is expected that its token will be a reliable and worthy one for real adoption to improve the state of the digital currency market.

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Those purchasing Grams will have their tokens sent to TON-compatible wallets that are safely integrated into Liquid platform once the blockchain mainnet is launched, hopefully before the end of October 2019. Participants, however, do not have to worry about their funds like the total sum realized from the sale will not be disbursed to Telegram if the blockchain is not launched and there will be a full refund to buyers.

A bright future for social networks?

A beta version of the TON testnet had been tested by a number of developers. The developers reported a very high transaction speed on the testnet, which hopefully will be the same for the mainnet and investors were informed accordingly of the capabilities of the TON Virtual Machine and the TON-specific Byzantine consensus algorithm to meet the expectations spelled out in the original whitepaper.

Facebook is planning to launch its own token, Globalcoin on 18 June 2019 as well. If not anything, experts say the entrance of these social media giants into the digital currency industry will significantly push adoption and make the industry stronger than it ever was. The entire industry is looking forward to Facebook’s launch as well.


Telegram Picks for the Exclusive Token sale of its Native Token, Gram

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Telegram Picks for the Exclusive Token sale of its Native Token, Gram


Telegram token sale has been scheduled to hold on the 10 July 2019 exclusively on Intending buyer are expected to create accounts with the platform and have them verified before the scheduled date in order to participate.


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