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Mahone’s Allows You to Pay for Wallpaper with Crypto

It appears crypto is becoming more popular as methods of payment not just for users, but for merchants.

Crypto Is as Prominent as Cash and Credit Cards

With the introduction of enterprises like Flexa, the use of cryptocurrencies as means of payment for goods and services suddenly appears much easier. In addition, currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum have been spiking steadily since April, which have ultimately increased both interest and trust in the assets and their abilities to placate transactions in the digital spectrum.

Most payments nowadays are done online. This means that they’re done digitally or not in person. Thus, cryptocurrencies can make a powerful tool for enhancing the security and strength of online payments and give everyone an easier time providing their payment information without the risk of being hacked.

But merchants have always been slow to accept crypto as payment thanks, in part, to the volatility and price swings that have often been associated with it. If you purchase $50 worth of merchandise with crypto, there’s a solid chance that the next day, that $50 turns into $30.

While you’ll still walk away with the items you purchased, the merchant who sold them to you now suddenly has $20 less than they did 24 hours ago. In many ways, this isn’t terribly fair to the merchant(s) in question, which is why so many of them have been hesitant to say “yes” to digital currency payments.

But now, companies like Mahone’s Commercial Wallpaper are learning to accept crypto for items and services, and they’re doing so willingly. The wallpaper venture recently put out a press release saying that it was accepting several new cryptocurrencies from customers who sought to use digital assets to pay for “prettying up their homes and office spaces.” There’s a good chance nobody thought crypto and wallpaper would ever go together, but Mahone’s has made this a reality.

Among the cryptocurrencies the store is accepting is bitcoin diamond, an asset designed to solve many of the problems associated with bitcoin’s slow transaction processes. While Mahone’s has been accepting crypto since 2018 (and is one of the first online merchants to do so), bitcoin diamond is a relatively new addition to its growing crypto family.

Acceptance Has Grown Over the Years

Owner Patrick Mahone comments:

During the 50 years we’ve been in business, Mahone’s has served all sorts of customers, from DIY renovators to individual interior designers to larger businesses. We launched Mahone’s Commercial Wallpaper to give our corporate customers a tailored service. After successfully launching crypto payments on our retail site, we wanted to extend this option to our corporate customers, too.

The company is partnering with a program called Chimpion, which will allow customers to pay with digital currencies and Mahone’s to immediately transfer those currencies into fiat for profit.

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