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Kamari Plans Large-Scale Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Africa

Kamari is a blockchain based platform which aims to build an ecosystem of mobile gaming and payments in Africa.

The project aims to provide a decentralized global platform for gaming, lottery, betting, and payments. The vast African continent offers a lot of potential for growth due to its demographics and growth characteristics. Kamari has procured Lottery License in 7 African Countries, Sports Betting License in twelve countries, including an online casino authorization in over nine countries in Arica.

The launch date of the token is yet to be announced. Nevertheless, it aims to target over 200 million African citizens in the regions it has obtained the licenses. The African continent is developing at a fast pace with over 2/3 of the population being led by the youth. Moreover, the penetration of mobile and internet has been exponential in the region, which will likely bring a digital revolution there as well.

Kamari aims to provide lottery, sports betting, and payment services and also aims at creating public programs for noble social causes. The CEO of Kamari, Chris Cleverly, a social activist and visionary, whose goal is the development of Africa. He said,

“My life has always been about doing business in Africa, for Africa. Nearly 15 years ago back in 2005, I set up something called the Made in Africa Foundation.”

With Kamari, he aims to bring transparency and a systematic trustless system in Africa. He added, “In Africa, there are many countries and many borders, and corrupted systems with a lack of trust… Kamari is that it has the ability to breach borders, and levels the playing field across countries. The opportunity for individuals to participate in a win can transform their very existence.”

The project was launched as an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on ZBG Launchpad. The price of each KAM token at the IEO was $0.6, in total $4,000,000 in KAM was sold during the IEO. KAM is currently trading on ZBG at over $4.  

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