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Bitcoin Is Bypassing Traditional Assets By Profitability For 5 Months

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In December 2018, the price of the largest cryptocurrency reached its bottom at around $ 3,122. Prior to this, the coin consistently fell for 18 months and lost 84 percent of its historical maximum, recorded in December 2017. The majority of adherents of the traditional market predicted Bitcoin to fall to zero, but during 2019 its profitability reached 191 percent. To date, due to the recent sudden collapse, the profit rate has dropped to 146 percent.

Such rapid growth is unlikely to surprise those who survived the HYIP of December 2017, but for those who love traditional assets – gold and bonds – the jump seems incredible. Today, many argue that Bitcoin is too risky, but no one dares to bet against it, since the coin surpasses almost all traditional assets in terms of profitability.

Moreover, Marc Yusco and Anthony Pompliano from Morgan Creek Digital even offered to bet a million dollars that Bitcoin will overtake the S & P index in the next 10 years. There were no willing to argue, and this is more than obvious evidence of belief in the effectiveness of Bitcoin.

Charlie Bilello on his Twitter shared a comparison of the performance and profitability of traditional assets and BTC. As it turned out, the dividends on the S & P500 are only 16 percent, while the profits of Bitcoin’s Khodelers exceed a hundred percent. It is worth noting that bonds, commodities and gold brought investors only 4 percent.



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