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What is the Paxos Standard? A Primer on Our Wallet’s Newest Cryptoasset

Since January, we’ve been releasing digestible, institutional-grade research in the form of Blockchain Primers as a way for our users to stay informed about the fastest growing and most important sectors of the cryptoverse. Our latest bite-sized report is on the wallet’s newest addition and first stablecoin, USD PAX.

In the report, you’ll find:

  • Highlights: quick takeaways on Paxos’ key differentiating features (e.g., strengths and use cases)
  • Data: empirical data such as on-chain trading volume, liquidity & size, and regulatory information
  • Comparative summary: review of notable ecosystem and token competitors

Launched in September 2018, Paxos Standard tokens are fully backed by physical U.S. dollars stored in FDIC-insured banks and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

This financial certainty eliminates price volatility and gives users around the world an entirely new way to send value, manage inflation, mitigate trading risk, and gain exposure to the US dollar.    

$1 USD PAX equals $1 USD. Always.

USD PAX is now available for the more than 37 million Blockchain Wallets to use instantly and transparently, without minimums or maximums.

Click here to download our Paxos Standard Primer and learn more about how you can use USD PAX today.

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