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Introducing Blockchain Primers (with first Primer on Bitcoin Cash)

At Blockchain we are passionate about helping people control their own cryptoassets. Doing that effectively requires having access to the latest and most reliable information, data, and research. However, we often hear that accessing information on crypto that is both reliable and freely available is one of the most challenging issues, particularly for newcomers.

In response, last year Blockchain launched a new research program led by our Head of Research, Dr. Garrick Hileman. Our first major publicly disseminated report was a groundbreaking study of stablecoins. The new data and analysis contained in our State of Stablecoins report helped shine a light on one of the fastest growing and important sectors in the cryptoasset ecosystem.

Today we are pleased to announce the next phase in our growing research coverage with the launch of Blockchain Primers.

Blockchain Primers are intended to provide a relatively brief (under 10 pages) overview of each cryptoasset. Each primer will include:

  • Highlights: quick takeaways on each cryptoasset’s key differentiating features (e.g., strengths and issues/tradeoffs)
  • Data: empirical data summarized in charts and tables, including new data not previously available to the public
  • Comparative summary: quantitative and qualitative data-driven comparison against similar cryptoassets
  • References: links to additional information where you can learn more

Blockchain Primers will contain both a mix of introductory and background material for those less familiar with the particular cryptoasset in focus, as well as the latest data and analysis on more recent topics.

First Primer on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Today we are releasing our first primer on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In November of last year, Bitcoin Cash underwent a contentious network split. As a result, we have received more questions about Bitcoin Cash in recent weeks than any other cryptoasset supported by the Blockchain Wallet. A key focus in this primer is a comparison between Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), including new data shared with us by Coinmetrics on the post-fork movement coins on each respective blockchain.

With Blockchain Primers, we’re bringing the high quality research of Wall Street to Main Street. We hope you find this and future Blockchain Primers useful and as always we welcome your feedback.

Click here to download the first Blockchain Primer on Bitcoin Cash.

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