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Crypto on your terms: taking back your financial sovereignty

A few months ago, to mark the tenth anniversary of the genesis block, crypto holders across the globe withdrew funds from third party exchanges. This ‘Proof of Keys Celebration’ honored crypto’s founding principle of independence from centralized financial systems. Recently, a similar movement has taken shape. This time, the focus has been on wallets.

At Blockchain, we’ve always believed that without having full control over your private key, you’re missing the defining aspect of crypto: user controlled, sovereign assets. (Not sure what your private key is? Learn more here.) In fact, “be your own bank” has been our ethos since the inception of the Blockchain Wallet.

Competitors have often claimed that ensuring that users retain control over their funds requires a trade off in functionality. We proved them wrong once again with last year’s launch of Blockchain Swap, a next generation trading product that allows Blockchain Wallet users to exchange crypto quickly and with ease for the price you’d pay on exchange, without giving up control of your keys.

In addition to being driven by a passion to empower our users, we’re equally committed to sanctifying their security. That’s why, as a non-custodial wallet, we never have access to your password or funds.

Not one of the 30M+ Blockchain Wallet holders using our platform to store, trade and transact while maintaining full control of your funds? It takes moments to create a free Blockchain Wallet with a verified email address.

And transferring funds to your newly created Blockchain Wallet is easy: simply send the funds from your existing wallet to the address created when you click on request in your Blockchain Wallet.

Get started here and be on your way to taking back control of your crypto!

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