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Justin Sun Bullish On TRX and BTT


While TRON (TRX) managed to become one of the most popular projects in the crypto history, the coin itself has been in and out of the list of 10 largest cryptos by market cap several times by now. Recently, it got pushed out of the list once again, although not very far. After briefly holding the 10th spot, it got replaced by Cardano (ADA) which is, similarly to TRON, yet another challenger to Ethereum.

Meanwhile, TRON’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, appears not to be worried about the current situation. In fact, he recently stated that he believes TRON will climb back up among the top 10 coins within a month. However, he gave another prediction, and this one appears to be quite bold.

Justin Sun’s TRX and BTT predictions

According to Sun, another cryptocurrency that recently joined the TRON ecosystem, BitTorrent (BTT), will soon see a massive surge which will bring it among the top 30 coins. Sun predicts that this will happen at some point during Q2 of this year.

Of course, Sun’s bullishness when it comes to TRON, and now BTT, is nothing new. The popular crypto entrepreneur has always known how to use current events, as well as his influence in the community in order to boost coins’ popularity and exposure. In addition, BTT has managed to climb quite high, considering that it is less than half a year old, being launched on January 28th.

At the moment the 30th largest cryptocurrency by market cap is Decred (DCR), with a market cap of $255.42 million. BitTorrent token, however, sits at the 50th spot with a market cap of $136.48 million. The coin would, therefore, need to nearly double its market cap in order to rise through the ranks.

To do so, BTT would need to see massive demand in the next few months. The coin does have a use case, as it serves as an incentive for torrent users to upload content on the BitTorrent network. Meanwhile, those downloading content can use the coin to achieve better download speeds. Right now, the token only functions with BitTorrent’s native client, but it is important to remember that this is a protocol, meaning that anyone can develop their own client, provided that they have the knowledge.

The main question is whether or not these predictions can actually come true? In order for it to happen, both coins will need to see a massive surge in demand. While TRON does seem to come up with a plethora of new dApps, most of which are gambling-related, which seemingly boosts its volume and usage — can the same be said for BTT?

Can BTT rise through the ranks?

BitTorrent has, is, and likely always will be used for piracy, and BTT now allows users to make a profit of it. While this is frowned upon at best, and usually fully illegal, the questionable morality is not the only thing stopping people from rushing towards BitTorrent and BTT. After all, there are countless cheap streaming services, such as Netflix or Spotify, not to mention free outlets such as YouTube.

There are ways for creators to earn money by offering or approaching content, without having to risk getting involved in legal issues by downloading and uploading copyrighted materials. Of course, trying to predict the future of any cryptocurrency is impossible, and speculation at best. No one managed to predict that cryptos will crash by over 80% in 2018, nor that the bear market would last for an entire year.

However, high volatility and unpredictable nature of cryptos allow for anything to happen so Sun’s prediction may come true after all. Additionally, there is always a possibility that Sun knows something that the rest of the community does not. Perhaps something new is coming, and it will allow both cryptos to surge up and beat the competition. As things are now, it is much easier for TRX to return to the top 10 list than for BTT to climb up for 20+ ranks. As for the prices, 1 TRX is almost enough to buy 40 BTT, meaning that the coin would have to see a major price boost in order to reach the top 30.

For now, there are more questions than answers, which is often the case with crypto, and all that remains is wait and see whether Sun was right or not.

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