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More Blockchain Education Is Headed Our Way

One of the big things we can do for the blockchain and cryptocurrencies is to educate those who don’t have enough knowledge about them. That’s exactly what universities like the Wharton School in Pennsylvania and Dublin City University are doing.

The Future Is Now

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are here to stay. We can doubt this no longer. Many enterprises, whether they be shipping, finance or supply-chain oriented, have integrated blockchain technology into their operations as a means of improving their overall efficiency and reducing the possibility of human error. Blockchain and crypto aren’t necessarily the future; they’re more like the present. They’re already here, and the quicker we see this the better.

In recognizing this truth, we’ll do what we can to educate citizens about their benefits and properties so that future generations are prepared. We’ll more than likely witness a surge of new jobs and industries revolving around blockchain within the next ten years, which means students need to learn about it now, so they can take care of themselves and earn a living later.

Among the two universities looking to do that are the Wharton School in Pennsylvania – whose alumni include current U.S. President Donald Trump – and Dublin City University.

Ireland has become something of a major tech hub for both blockchain and cryptocurrencies, so it should come as no surprise that one of its prestigious higher-learning education institutions would fortify crypto’s stance in the financial world with a new online master’s program in blockchain technology. The program was developed through the Technology Ireland ICT Skill Net, a training organization that’s funded by the Irish government.

Those interested in honing their engineering and developer skills would make prime candidates for the program. These individuals are potentially looking to pursue careers as IT professionals. The ICT Skill Net claims that there’s a huge “skills gap” currently affecting the blockchain industry. It says that many players within the space are not fully ready to take on the industry head on. It also claims that Ireland has fallen behind other nations in terms of blockchain innovation and education.

At press time, only full-time residents and citizens of Ireland can pursue the master’s program.

A New Business Course About Blockchain

In the United States, the Wharton School in Pennsylvania is offering a new course it’s calling “Fintech: Foundations and Applications of Financial Technologies.” What’s interesting is that while the class is slated to be largely blockchain and crypto-centered, it will take a much deeper business approach to both subjects. An announcement regarding the class says it is being launched thanks to the world’s “rapidly changing business landscape.”

Aside from blockchain and crypto, the course will also cover elements like modern investing, crowdfunding and digital payments. Students who take the course will be required to commit for roughly 16 weeks.

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