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The SEC Postpones VanEck Solid X Bitcoin ETF Decision, Again

Many cryptocurrency investors were excited to see if tomorrow’s deadline for VanEck Solid X Bitcoin ETF would be either approved or rejected, however, the US SEC has now delayed it once again.

The decision of the US Securities and Exchange Commission on the VanEck ETF has concerned many people. The VanEck decision was due tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, however, it has now been postponed an additional 35 days for them to gather more information.

The crypto market and Bitcoin remain bullish

Even though many investors were looking forward to the SEC’s decision, the market seems to remain bullish and most coins are currently seeing a surge in price.

Currently, Bitcoin and the crypto market is still heading upwards. It seems to be recovering from this mornings correction which sent it back to $7,670. Daily volume has also picked up and is currently around $25 billion with Bitcoin currently above $8,000.

Altcoins are not left out of the bullish market. Several of the major altcoins are experiencing gains, with Dash gaining 7% and NEO gaining 8% in the last 24 hours.

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