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Crypto Community Celebrates 9th Bitcoin Pizza Day Anniversary

Exactly nine years ago, on May 22, 2010, crypto enthusist Laszlo Heinitz made his name in the history of Bitcoin, for the first time paying for the delivery of a pizza cryptocurrency. The order cost him 10,000 BTC.
Today, this purchase is estimated at $ 79.2 million.

In an interview with the 60 Minutes, Heinitz said that he had spent a total of about 100,000 BTC on buying pizzas.

Traditionally, on May 22, the crypto community celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day.

“Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day you all!!! Some necessary clarification: it’s ok to spend sats on pizza, IF you spend the fiat you would otherwise spend for pizza to buy sats instead; it’s ok for carnivore Bitcoin toximalists to eat pizza during the Pizza Day, just imagine you killed that pizza with your hands after a hectic hunt!” wrote the famous Bitcoin evangelist Giacomo Zucco.


Recall, in February 2018, Laszlo Heinitz  made the same experiment, ordering two pizzas for 0.00649 BTC using the Lightning Network protocol.



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