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Consensus Conference Brings Unusual Speakers

The Consensus Conference has arrived in New York, and the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency is now being discussed by several experts, companies and keynote speakers within the space.

What a Writer Can Learn from Blockchain

This year’s Conference, however, posed a few surprises for attendees. Some of the keynote speakers did not necessarily work in crypto or blockchain-related positions but have used blockchain technology to enhance their own creative passions.

One of those people is Ken Liu, a science-fiction writer. On the side, Liu also works as a coder, but it’s science-fiction writing that appears to be his primary career. Nevertheless, Liu discussed what it was that first got him interested in blockchain technology, and how it’s advanced his storytelling procedures:

I got interested in the potential of blockchain and bitcoin to transform a lot of the problems that we have in contemporary life. I wanted to explain them in ways that are beyond the usual stories, that cryptocurrencies are only used to buy drugs, which seems to be the narrative in popular culture.

Liu is adamant in his belief that bitcoin and blockchain will become “law” in the future. He’s convinced that every industry, whether it be healthcare, finance and even entertainment, will somehow implement the technology into its operations.

He also says that he’s looking to write stories that break the mold when it comes to both blockchain and crypto. He comments that right now, the primary sentiment is that crypto is only used for malicious projects, and he’d like to tackle ideas and stories that show them in a more truthful light. He states:

A storyteller can make up all kinds of stories and doesn’t need to back it up with any kind of real implementation. I really have to caution the rest [of you] against believing your stories as though they are the truth. The only way forward is to invest in and work toward the vision, and then see what happens. You have to put in the work to enjoy the result.

Other companies, such as Bayer, also made surprising appearances. The aspirin enterprise has integrated a new blockchain division into its overall structure, and its blockchain center of excellence leader Kimberly Harrington was at the event to mention some of the “live deployments” the company has utilized through blockchain to track and trace seeds and other ingredients that make their way into the company’s medicinal products.

Aspirin and Crypto: A Perfect Match?

She stated:

Traditionally, when you think about transparency, the concept is ‘farm to fork,’ but we start before the farm. The seeds are produced and leave our organization and then go into fields with growers, where there’s an entire process that transforms that product into something that’s sold. [Blockchain] really helps to get all of the parties to coordinate and participate more efficiently.

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