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Blockstream Joins Forces With GoTenna to Send Bitcoin Transactions Without Internet Connection

Blockchain technology company Blockstream has announced it is partnering with goTenna in order to integrate their respective technologies – Blockstream Satellite and TxTenna – enabling people to send Bitcoin transactions without direct internet connections.

The integration was announced Saturday at the Magical Crypto Conference in New York City.

“We’re excited to announce goTenna’s integration with Blockstream Satellite, a service that broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain and user API data from space. This new integration will allow users to share Bitcoin transactions from a full node via a local mesh network, enabling a decentralized solution for communities to transact, regardless of network disruptions,” reads the announcement.

Blockstream Satellite is a network of satellites deployed so that people in most parts of the Earth can download a Bitcoin full nod without an internet connection. In order to do that users will need a satellite receiver with Blockstream Satellite’s software installed.

goTenna is a Brooklyn-based startup developing consumer-grade mesh networking devices enabling users to connect with one another to send arbitrary data and messages, without relying on Internet service providers or cellphone service providers.

“The goTenna app is that it lets you send signed Bitcoin transactions over our mesh network. If your local provider is censoring you or your connection is down for some reason, maybe due to a natural disaster, you can still get it to the internet,” goTenna engineer Richard Myers told CoinDesk, adding that it also provides a more private way of sending Bitcoin transactions.

Blockstream satellite service was first launched in August 2017. Previously covering Africa, North and South America as well as Europe, since December 2018 it also supports Asia-Pacific region, one the most populous regions of the world. The same month Blockstream Satellite added support for Lightning Network.

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